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Krajowa Rada Drobiarstwa- Izba Gospodarcza (The National Poultry Council - Chamber of Commerce) in Warsaw has been established in Warsaw on the 11th of March, 1998.

The aim of the National Poultry Council - Chamber of Commerce (KRD-IG) is, inter alia, further development and modernisation of Polish poultry industry and protection of interests of poultry farmers and producers and poultry meat processors, their integration, representation of the Polish poultry industry in contacts with the authorities and self-governments, and Polish and international organizations. We also deliver opinions that are considered during work on legal acts pertaining to poultry industry, we co-operate with scientific institutions and universities, and we edit and publish our monthly gazettes Biuletyn Informacyjny KRD-IG and annual Biuletyn Surowcowy KRD-IG.

We collect and process gathered economic information to satisfy needs of our members, prepare analyses and reviews of the Polish and international markets in poultry. We intercede with the authorities in relation to poultry export and import. We co-act with state agencies, that is Agricultural Market Agency and Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture. W also co-operate with veterinary and sanitary service, take part in exhibitions and fairs throughout Poland and abroad, we promote achievements of KRD-IG members in poultry industry.

We organize training conferences dedicated to problems closely related to poultry industry, economy of the poultry market, sanitary and veterinary regulations as well as environmental protection in relation to poultry production.
Over 60 business entities representing such fields as farming, breeding, hatching, poultry and egg production, poultry meat and egg processing, trade in poultry, poultry meat products and poultry feed production are currently members to KRD-IG.

KRD-IG members include agricultural universities, associations of poultry farmers and producers, poultry meat processing plants, feed production plants and individual poultry farmers and producers.

KRD-IG produce approximately 70% of the total slaughter poultry production volume and some 80% of the total domestic production in poultry commercial slaughter and meat processing.

From 2005 r KRD-IG is a member a. v. e. c. - the European Producers' Association, Importers and Exporters of the Chicken Meat with the abode in Copenhagen. KRD-IG manages also the analysis of the advisability and financial possibilities of the participation in union of the organization a.v.e.c., organizing into unions works {bets} of the slaughtering and the processing poultry in the European Union. KRD-IG is a Council member of the Food at the Department of the Agriculture and the Development of the Village.

Mr. Rajmund Paczkowski is a President of the KRD-IG Board.


The National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw also conduct activities m the field of poultry breeding and assessment.

On the 3Oth of January, 2004, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the decision permitting the National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw to keep 30 poultry pedigree books for lineages (breeding lines) of poultry (laying hens, ducks and geese) and to start and keep the book for geese Gil lineage (breeding line). Those decisions pertain to all the poultry breeding flocks, reserve breeding material of ducks and geese and flocks covered with the programme for protection of laying hen, duck and goose genetic resources. Permission for keeping pedigree books for the remaining 25 lineages (breeding lines) located in the IZ Poultry Farming "Zadrob" Group in Zakrzewo and the Experimental Station in Chorzelów in Podkarpakie Province has been granted to the Institute of Animal Production in Balice.

Those decisions have been issued pursuant to the Article 14 ofthe Law of August 20, 1997 on Organization of Farming and Breeding of Farm Animals (Official Journal of 2002, No. 207, item 1762).

As a consequence, basing on Article 8 par. l of the aforementioned Law, the National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce applied to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for permission to:

   1. perform assessment of the utilitarian and breeding values of poultry and to publish results of such assessment
   2. maintain a computer system for the purpose of assessment of poultry utilitarian and breeding values.
   3. balance the needs and production potential in poultry farming,
   4. provide specialized professional training for people performing assessments of utilitarian values and to award appropriate certificates,
   5. determine assumptions for national breeding programmes,
   6. issue certificates confirming satisfaction of requirements for farm poultry and hatching eggs imported from abroad
   7.substantive confirmation of applications for payment of subsidies for the entities keeping breeding flocks covered with programme   of protection of genetic resources and constituting reserve poultry breeding material.

Delegating authority for poultry breeding and assessment to the National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce, the Minister of Agriculture and Development of Rural Areas has issued the following legal regulations:

1. Regulation of March 17, 2004, amending the regulation on authorization to conduct assessment of animal utilitarian or breeding values and to publish results of the assessments (Official Journal No. 49, item 474),
2. Regulation of March 17, 2004 amending the regulation on biological material used in breeding of farm animals (Official Journal No. 49, item 475),
3. Regulation of March 17, 2004 amending the regulation on authorizing certain entities to perform some tasks related to assessment of animal utilitarian values (Official Journal No. 50, item 488).

On the lst of March, 2004, The National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw has established the Division for Poultry Breeding and Assessment within its structure, responsible for performing tasks within the scope of poultry breeding and assessment. The division is located in Poznań at 7, Sarmacka Street.

Division Address:
The National Poultry Industry Council - Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw
Division for Poultry Breeding and Assesment
7, Sarmacka Street, PO Box 11
60-975 Poznań
tel # (061) 824 2661, 824 2652 fax # (061) 824 2653


If you want to join please fill the declaration form (pdf, 331 kB)

ul. Czackiego 3/5
00-043 Warszawa

tel.: +48 22 33 61 338,
tel./fax +48 22 82 82 389

Dział Hodowli i Oceny Drobiu
ul. Sarmacka 7, skr. poczt. 11
60-975 Poznań

tel. +48 61 824 26 51/52
fax. +48 61 824 26 53

Office in China
Room 513, Block A WOLICITY NO.31 Lane
2419 Hunan Road Pudong New District
Shanghai 201204, China
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